i just flipped through the april '10 issue of elle and noticed that h&m had an ad for their new garden collection. the dress they chose to feature? looks a little familiar... don't you think?

[h&m garden collection spring 2010, sourced. h&m]

[monique lhuillier resort 2010, sourced. style]

h&m does have the lovely natasha poly to back up their collection, but if i was monique lhuillier? i'd be pissed. come on... look at the two of them. try and get your own idea! or at the bare minimum don't use it in your ads and rub it all over lhuillier's face. she's the brains of the operation, and i have absolutely no tolerance for knock-offs.


  1. i know...but when it comes to fashion its sooo sad that there is no copyright etc... lhuillier cannot sue h&m even if she wanted :( ... that goes for all art related stuff... even if u get a copyright for furniture design, u can tweek the design a tiny little bit and get away with it :(

    im glad someone else gets upset about such things

  2. there's no legal action that can be taken, but i was surprised no one had even made a connection yet! it really is a shame that you can take credit for someone else's idea and get away with it :(