lhuillier sequel

alright, now i'm just picking on the poor monique lhuillier -- who i previously defended when h&m did a shorter version of a dress she designed for resort 2010. in lhuillier's recent resort 2011 collection (only one year later!), it seems she's relying on that same design? what do you think... i have a huge issue with this.

[from left to right. monique lhuillier resort 2010, monique lhuillier resort 2011]

is it like the movies, where no one can come up with new ideas so we just make sequels of everything? it's bad enough that other designers are "inspired" (aka copy) by her, but come on. give me something new to drool and fawn over.

[all images sourced. style]


  1. so, h&m where copied her design and then she copied h&m's? haha.
    cool blog, loved it. :)

  2. wow that is unbelievable, where has all the creativity gone?! The second attempt is better though, the roses look far better formed.